MSA Housing Benefits Update

MSA Housing Benefits Update

December 2, 2015

Minnesota Supplemental Aid ("MSA") Housing Assistance is a monthly benefit that helps some recipients of MSA pay for housing. This extra benefit is now $194.00 per month.  

Eligible MSA recipients must:

  1. Be under the age of 65 (Some people can continue receiving the MSA Housing Assistance benefit after age 65.);
  2. Meet the definition of "shelter needy"* and;
  3. Be relocating from an institution or adult mental health residential treatment program to live in the community or living in their own home or apartment with home and community based waivered services.  

If you get MSA, ask your county or tribal worker if you qualify for MSA Housing Assistance.  

If you are on SSI (Supplemental Security Income) but not MSA, you can apply for MSA with the Combined Application Form (CAF). You can fill out the form on-line at  Make sure to request "cash assistance" and write that you want MSA - Housing Assistance. 

Call SMRLS for legal help at 651-222-4731.


*"Shelter Needy" means that the MSA recipient is spending more than 40 percent of gross income on shelter costs, such as rent, lot rent for a manufactured home, or payments on a mortgage or contract for deed.  Count all the mortgage payments including principal, interest, insurance premiums, and property taxes.  Utility costs are also counted, including heating, cooling, electricity, water, and sewage; garbage collection fees; and the basic service fee for one telephone.  An MSA recipient in subsidized or section 8 housing will not qualify because their housing costs are limited to a percentage of gross income.

MSA Housing Benefits Update
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