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August 31, 2015

All students are legally entitled to equal educational opportunities in public schools. Since 1995, the Education Law Advocacy Project at SMRLS (ELAP) has successfully represented client families on school problems facing low-income families.  ELAP represents general education students on school related problems that interfere with educational progress, and advocates for special education students.    

When a student and the parent feel alienated from the school process and the student is finding it difficult to be successful in school, ELAP can step in and work with the family and school personnel to problem solve. The goal is to reach solutions beneficial to the student.  The parent is also empowered to more fully communicate the student's educational needs. 

Recently ELAP has increased its work on the education of English Language Learners.  ELAP is working with community groups and leaders to increase immigrant parents’ awareness of the issues and to get better school programming for their children.  ELAP also helps on cases which address the racial opportunity gap and the discipline disparities gap.

Whatever the school problem, ELAP advocacy strategy is: 

  • Student Focused - improved student achievement is the goal.  
  • Collaboration – contacting and working with persons whose decisions and actions have an impact on the education of the student;  
  • Holistic – realizing that other aspects of a child's life may have significant impact on educational performance, it may be necessary to make other referrals while we address the legal issues. 

To get help call: 1-888-575-2954

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