Legal Checkup Clinics

Speak with an attorney, identify your legal issues, and get advice. Please call or email to make an appointment at one of our sites.

What is a Legal Checkup? 

Legal Checkups are similar, in ways, to a checkup at the doctor. When you complete your yearly exam at the doctor, they ask questions to assess your overall health. If the doctor notices anything concerning, they order more tests, gather history, and/or offer treatment. Medical checkups are important because you may have an issue that you aren’t even aware of until you meet with a doctor who knows the right questions to ask.  

Similarly, when SMRLS staff completes a legal checkup with an individual, we are looking at someone’s overall situation to see if there are legal issues we can help with. We ask targeted, simple questions in 10 different areas of law. Oftentimes, folks don’t even know they are experiencing a legal issue until they are asked. And even if they know they’re experiencing a legal issue, they don’t know how to access help. 

SMRLS’ goal with Legal Checkups is to ensure that low-income individuals are informed of their rights, obtain legal advice and information, and are provided with community resources.

If you'd like more information or would like to make an appointment call 507-396-6806 or email






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