If your child is struggling in school or if you believe your child is not receiving a fair and appropriate early childhood to high school public education, we may be able to help. We handle educational cases in a variety of areas.

Cases we normally handle:

  • School expulsions and some suspensions
  • Special education services for students with disabilities
  • Education of English language learners
  • Education of students experiencing homelessness
  • Racial discrimination and bias in schools
  • Bullying and harassment in schools

"I'm so grateful to have help. I will definitely continue to recommend this program to others, as I'm sure there are many other parents out there that feel like giving up like myself, but please don't. There is help here!" - ELAP Client

"I could not fight for my son's right to an appropriate education if it wasn't for this program. This program has been a blessing for my family and I'm truly grateful to have them a part of my village." - ELAP Client

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To get help call 1-877-696-6529 OR APPLY ONLINE

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