SMRLS Featured in Pioneer Press

March 23, 2016

In January, Paul Ziezulewicz and Sam Manning, attorneys from SMRLS' Housing Unit, presented to a crowd gathered at Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church regarding landlord and tenant law. Their presentation focused on three specific areas: eviction, expungement of eviction, and repair issues. 

The audience included both homeowners and tenants, and questions for Paul and Sam ranged in subject from foreclosure issues to reasonable accommodation.  Even the members of the audience who were homeowners were interested in landlord tenant law in order to empower and assist uninformed members of their community who might be dealing with a housing dispute. One member of the audience, a former SMRLS client, encouraged others to seek help from SMRLS if needed, citing the good work of Laura Jelinek, Senior Leadership Attorney, in assisting her in a discrimination matter. 

SMRLS Housing Article - Sam & Paul.jpg

The presentation was very well-received, and gave an opportunity for SMRLS to not only inform the community of their rights, but to also share the array of potential services that SMRLS can provide.

An article on this presentation was published on March 9, 2016 in the Pioneer Press, and can be found here: 

St. Paul Church Offers Blessings – and Bankers

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