Restraining Orders in Minnesota

August 16, 2016

A restraining order is a special court order to stop someone from doing something. It can stop violence. It can prevent contact and keep someone away. There are several types of restraining orders in Minnesota. You must fill out court papers to get a restraining order. A court hearing may be needed.

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One type is an Order for Protection (OFP). It requires a special relationship such as marriage, dating, or having a child together. There must also be “domestic abuse”. This includes hitting, pushing, shoving, kicking, and slapping. It includes threats to kill or harm. Forcing sex is included, even if by a spouse. Stopping someone from calling 911 for help is domestic abuse.

An OFP can order no contact from the other person. It can order the person to stay away.  It can also order custody, alimony, child support, and the right to stay in the home. It can protect pets.

You do not need a special relationship for a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO). Like an OFP, you can get an HRO if you were hit, pushed, shoved, kicked, slapped, or forced to have sex. You can get an HRO if someone has harassed or stalked you.

A HRO can only order no contact and to stay away from you.

Do you need a restraining order to keep you safe? 

Call the SMRLS Hotline, 888-575-2954. Or, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline, 800-799-7233. Go to  and for more information.

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